The Student Council

CMB's Student Council consists of six students from the DCPM Master's programme at Chalmers. Half are in the first year and half are in the second year of their education. The student representatives are elected for two years.

The Student Council has representatives on CMB's Board, as well as in the Communication Group and in the Education Committee, where they contribute important student perspectives on CMB's activities and the design of the Master's programme. In addition, they participate in the Leadership Day, the Strategy Day, and the annual Business Arena national forum. One of the students also runs CMB's mentor programme.

Below, they introduce themselves and explain why they have chosen to get involved in the Student Council.

Name: Elin Olsson
Previous education: Architecture and Technology, Chalmers
Assignments in CMB: The Communication Group

What mainly attracted me when I applied to CMB's Student Council was that it provides me with something in addition to my studies, a way to get closer to working life, and get more lessons from what I want to work with in the future. Through CMB, I get the opportunity to make contacts and learn from inspiring people, and also to take part in interesting discussions on topical issues in the industry.

Once I’ve completed my studies, my dream is to work as a project manager at an architectural firm. The creative environment, with constant forward thinking, inspires me, and I think I would thrive and constantly develop as a project manager in such a workplace. I love to plan, organise, and work with people, and I would like to believe that I, with my studies in both architecture and construction behind me, will be able to act as a bridge between the professions in a project management role.

Name: Sebastian Bartek
Previous education: Civil Engineering, Chalmers
Assignments in CMB: The Education Committee

I became interested in CMB's Student Council as I see great importance in creating a link between student life and working life in order to prepare students. By being a member of the Student Council, I get to share thoughts and ideas on how to improve and influence the collaboration between students and working life. What I was most attracted to was that it seemed like a fun and educational experience to be a student representative – for example, with the opportunity to shadow project managers, etc.

After my degree, I want to work as a project manager in the early stages with planning, procurement, etc. The reason for this is that I want to work with people, and help people to work better within groups and between companies.

Name: Joline Kraemer
Previous education: Civil Engineering, Chalmers
Assignments in CMB: The Board

During the spring, I attended some of CMB's breakfast lectures and experienced CMB as a bridge between ongoing research and working life – something that I had missed during my previous years at Chalmers.

After graduation, I want to work with people and problem solving. I have the next two years to decide which forms and situations this may take.

Name: Nikolina Bolvede
Previous education: Civil Engineering, Chalmers
Assignments in CMB: The Education Committee

I applied to the Student Council because CMB does important work in bringing students together with working life. This is something I feel has been missing in our education in general, and it therefore feels particularly important to get involved in this. I also believe that CMB will give me new overall knowledge of the industry that will be of benefit to me in my future work.

When I finish my studies at Chalmers, I would like to attend a trainee programme to gain even more knowledge about different work roles. Later, I would like to work as a project manager focusing on house construction.

Name: Jingjing Zheng
Previous education: Architecture, Chalmers
Assignments in CMB: The Communication Group

I enjoy learning new things by working actively. Being a member of CMB's Student Council provides many opportunities to create a broad and topical insight into the industry, and gives me experience of working with events and exciting industry issues.

After completing my education here at Chalmers, I want to work with project management within design, construction and architecture. I think that hospital projects are particularly interesting.

Name: Daniel Påsse
Previous education: Civil Engineering, Chalmers
Assignments in CMB: The Board

I took a break from studying and worked before I started my Master's studies. When I returned, I realised the importance of the collaboration between studies and working life. I also find it interesting to follow what is happening in the industry, and to see what challenges may exist in the future. With CMB, I get the chance to do this, and I get to be involved and exert an influence.

After my studies, I want to work in complex and innovative projects. I like the collaboration that arises in projects when everyone works towards common goals.