Welcome to CMB

CMB stands for the Centre for Management of the Built Environment, and the business aims to be the public construction sector's foremost forum for mutual knowledge development in management and leadership. At CMB, academia, companies and public actors work together to develop the community’s building sector through research, knowledge exchange and education.

CMB consists of the departments of Architecture and Civil Engineering and the Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers University of Technology, located in the city of Gothenburg, as well as our partner organisations – more than 70 of the market's strongest civil engineering players in private and public activities. We also collaborate with industry organisations and trade press.

Madeleine Nordenknekt och Fredrik Friblick vid CMB:s Ledarskapsdagen den 18 april 2013. Foto: Peter Widing


The Foundation for Construction Management Issues

The foundation manages CMB's financial resources in accordance with adopted statutes. The work of the foundation is carried out by a Board, which consists of eight representatives from our partner organisations (e.g. principals). The foundation's Board makes decisions on financial management and the distribution of research grants (following a proposal from the research committee).

The Centre for Management of the Built Environment (CMB)

The Foundation for Construction Management Issues has created the knowledge forum CMB. It is through CMB's activities that we strive to fulfil the foundation's purposes – utilisation in the form of knowledge exchange, collaborations, activities, etc. CMB is led by its own Board, which consists of the foundation's Board representatives and representatives of Chalmers (the departments mentioned above), as well as representatives of CMB's Student Council. The day-to-day operations are managed by a Secretariat.

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The Principal Council

Every year in April, CMB holds a meeting of the Principal Council (corresponding to a company's annual general meeting). All representatives of CMB's partner organisations are invited to approve the income statement and balance sheet in the annual report. The Principal Council also decides whether the foundation's Board shall be relieved of liability for the closed financial year and appoints who shall sit on the foundation's Board. In addition to the purely formal tasks above, the Principal Council is an important discussion partner for CMB's management in strategic matters, including the development of the public construction industry and the outside world, and CMB's role in it.

Committees and groups

Representatives of the partner organisations and of various research areas at Chalmers University of Technology participate in committees and groups. Here, the exchange of knowledge between academia and the public construction sector is developed in issues relating to governance, management and administration.

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The Student Council

The students participating in Chalmers' Design and Construction Project Management (DCPM) Master's programme are represented on CMB's Student Council. The student representatives have an important role in developing CMB's mentoring programme and other activities, and also constitute an important link to the students at Chalmers.

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