Apply for research funding

Dates for research applications 2021:

  • Feb 7th
  • Apr 28th
  • Sep 30th

Applications for research funding can be made throughout the year, by e-mailing: However, incoming applications are assessed at four regular meetings during 2019. The deadline for applications to each individual meeting is given by the dates above.

What research does CMB support?

CMB supports research with an overall focus on management and leadership within the built environments sector. Within this focus, the research committee attends to all incoming applications.

CMB especially welcomes research projects with an expected contribution to increased efficiency and productivity within the sector.

Examples of topics of particular significance is managerial aspects of digitalisation, organisation and business development, urban management, efficient production, and innovation capacity.

Furthermore, CMB emphasises the practical use of research results, focusing on industrial applicability and active participation by industrial parties within the built environments sector.

Projects financed by CMB can be initiated by researchers at Chalmers, by partners, or by CMB itself, through its research committee. We welcome smaller pilot studies, as well as larger research project. Especially with larger applications, we also encourage co-financing.

Application guidelines

As far as possible, you are recommended to follow our suggested application structure. This will increase the chances of an accurate assessment of your application.

Instructions in pdf-format »

Terms and conditions

A researcher with a PhD, employed by Chalmers, and/or employees of CMB:s partners can, individually or as a group, apply for research funding with CMB. The project group should however consist of both researchers from Chalmers and individuals from one or several of CMB:s partners.

The project manager must enable CMB, or by CMB designated individuals, to follow closely the work in the project. This is for example carried out through quarterly assessments, concerning general project progress and possible delays etc. The beneficiary is expected to report their results in one or more publications, and to proactively disseminate their findings through seminars, trade press articles or other media. During all of these verbal and written presentations, CMB should be cited as per special agreement.

Grants are allotted through a series of instalments as the project progresses, generally on a quarterly basis. A verification of costs incurred during the project must be provided on request. The verification must include itemised expense specifications that correspond to the details listed in the application. We generally withhold 30% of the grant total until such time as the project has been completed and approved by CMB.

CMB reserves the right to modify funds granted if:

  • the project does not progress according to the plan laid out in the application with potential changes agreed subsequent to the application
  • CMB finds that satisfactory results will not be possible to achieve within a reasonable period of time
  • he beneficiary makes material financial gains, relative to the size of the grant, based on the results obtained within the framework of the project
  • the beneficiary becomes insolvent thus jeopardising continuation of the planned work
  • the beneficiary uses funds granted for anything other than the specified purpose of the grant, or provided erroneous details in the application or otherwise failed to meet the terms of this contract

The beneficiary's rights and obligations in relation to CMB cannot be transferred to anyone else without CMB's expressed consent. Disputes relating to the interpretation or implementation of this contract will be settled through arbitration, in accordance with the Arbitration Act.