Productivity improvement on construction projects

Bygglunch den 17 maj 2016

Professor Carl T. Haas

We are pleased to announce that Carl T. Haas, Professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada, will host the lunch seminar at CMB on the 17th of May. His research, teaching and consulting are in the areas of advanced construction and transportation technology, sustainability, and construction productivity.

The lunch seminar will mainly focus on construction productivity analysis and productivity improvement on construction projects– the sustainability of the human capital that underpins our infrastructure systems. A critical shortage of skilled construction labour exists in Canada and in the US. To respond to this, we are developing strategies such as multi-skilling, more complete human resource management systems, and optimization for return on investment in training. We are also building tools to improve productivity practices implementation. Implementation successes and failures will be shared.

Tid: Tisdag den 17 maj 2016, kl 12.00-13.30
Plats: Chalmers Teknikpark, Sven Hultins gata 9, Göteborg
Anmälan: Anmäl dig så snart som möjligt via länken ovan
Kostnad: 295 kr exkl moms.

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