CMB supports research

CMB's goal is to be the built environment sector's foremost forum for mutual knowledge development in management and leadership. It achieves this by means of education, research and mutual knowledge exchange. How research support is distributed to different projects is handled by the research committee based on the assignment to develop important areas for new knowledge and competence.

CMB supports research with an overall focus on leadership and management in community building. Within the framework of this specialisation, all applications received by the research committee are processed. CMB especially welcomes research projects that are expected to contribute to increased efficiency and productivity in the built environment sector. Examples of subject areas of particular importance include management aspects of digitalisation, organisational and business development, urban planning and urban development, efficient production, and the ability to innovate.

Through thematic groups and activities, such as conferences, lunch lectures and breakfast meetings, knowledge is exchanged between academia and actors in the built environment sector.

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