CMB Mentorship Programme

The built environment sector is facing a generational change where valuable skills and experience are at risk of getting lost. In 2010, CMB started a mentorship programme for the students attending the Design and Construction Project Management Master's programme at Chalmers. The purpose is to create the conditions for a dialogue that helps both the mentor and the student to clarify their driving forces and develop their leadership.

The mentor programme runs during the last year of study. During this year, a total of four meetings are held in which all mentors and students participate. These meetings are held during the period October to May. In addition, each pair (mentor and mentee) works with clear goals that are set at the beginning of the collaboration. The issues to be discussed, and the location and frequency of the meetings, will be decided by each mentorship pair.

A successful mentorship builds networks between students and companies, and develops the participants' individual knowledge of leadership. In addition, it helps participants clarify their current goals, and inspires them to seek new challenges and to test unexplored territories and methods for current leadership practices.

The folder "CMB Mentor Programme" contains a more detailed description of the mentor programme. This will soon be updated with the dates for the 2021/2022 programme, but registrations can already be made now. A similar timescale will apply in the coming years.

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